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(md) Maryland divorce and (md)Maryland divorce lawyer for custody child support and domestic violenceDivorce

Consult with our one of the top divorce lawyers in Maryland. Our Experienced Maryland divorce lawyers understand complex of the Maryland divorce laws on the issues of custody, child support, domestic violence, alimony, property distribution and pension rights. Our Maryland divorce lawyers are here to answer your questions when you need the advice. A Maryland law firm who understands divorce law.

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Maryland Personal Injury LawyerPersonal Injury

Whether you have a serious personal injury, like an auto accident or product liability injury, our experienced personal injury lawyer firm in Maryland knows how to maximize your recovery by negotiating with insurance companies or arguing your case before a court. Automobile accident claims can be tricky and the insurance companies want to pay you as little as possible. Our job is to maximize your recovery and to help you to get fully compensated for your injuries from a car or motor vehicle accident.

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Medical Malpractice

Our Maryland medical malpractice lawyers have years of experience in analyzing and prosecuting cases where someone has been harmed by careless doctors and hospitals causing permanent injuries. Our Maryland malpractice Lawyers understand your pain and know how to help you make a financial recovery.

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Maryland Corporate LawyerCorporate Law

Belli, Weil & Grozbean P.C. Maryland corporate lawyers help corporations through the maze of legal complexities. We consult with some of the nations top tax lawyers and accountants for your benefit. We advise Boards of Directors on avoiding legal pitfalls.

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Maryland Employment negotiations, contracts, wrongful terminationEmployment

Our Maryland employment lawyers understand your rights as an employee and can help you negotiate a contract or assist you from having a lifetime blemish on your employment record.

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Maryland, DWI, DUICriminal Law

Our one of the best Maryland lawyer will handle your criminal matters & help you in DWI, DUI, traffic violations and other related criminal matters.

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  A Maryland law firm also serving the District of Columbia and the Nation. Maryland lawyers also licensed in the District of Columbia. We work with lawyers around the country to provide the very best representation.

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